About us

MJ-light produces lighting for over 10 years and by now has become an experienced  lighting manufacturer. Functional minimalism is our main idea. We use it as a target while developing design and construction of our product.

We supply our customers with high-quality lighting. We use only professional and tested components. Our product is equipped with high-stable LED drivers, such as Meanwell, Eaglerise and our own production. LED modules are CREE, Edisson, Osram, Epistar and Sanan. The advantages of using such products in our  lightening are:

CRI>90 – colors are the closest to natural

High energy efficiency – savings on consumption of electricity

High anti-glare index – high protection from glare

Low flicker – no nerve system damages

Our product passes all the stages of inspections so it can match European quality and energy requirements. Our main factory situated in Poland and we also have subsidiaries in Asia.

The important part is the design of our product that is why we follow all tendencies in world’s modern lighting. MJ-light communicate with leading and high-rated designers which help us to develop required and common lighting.

We love proper light and we want to share our ideas of quality and design with you.